Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Shack by William P. Young

After hearing all the buzz about this fictional book, I finally decided that I needed to read it for myself.  YOU HAVE TO READ THIS BOOK!!!  

This book so impacted me.  There are several themes in the book and I don't want to give anything away but one of the most important themes is how God the Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit relate as separate-but-one being also known as the Trinity.  The story is about a man and his family that encounter a personal tragedy and through that he has an encounter with the Godhead.  

Here is a review that a friend of mine posted on our Kingdomscribes Forum:

"I was warned by my friends that if I had a religious bent, this book would be hard to read and I thought, no problem.  I'm not religious at all.

The book began with an interesting slow of well written and well described events. I liked it and liked his writing style, and finally I arrived at the chapter that caused me to pause, and I thought that this probably wasn't going to be the kind of book that my Christianity would work with, but then I remembered what my friend had said, and I decided to go ahead and push through and after I did, the book took a dramatic upward turn. I began to see the real meat of this book. It was creating in me the substance of great beauty and heavenly desire. I was spellbound and could not put the book down, there were moments of great sadness and joy, so profound I would cry: I related to this man's experience so personally that it was the substance of my dreams, my hopes, the tenderness of my heart as it relates to my heavenly Father, in short, this book has revealed all of the themes that are wrong with the Body of Christ and the world at the same time. It cast no condemnation, no blame and gives only the answers that eliminate everything that hinders love." ~Gary Kennedy

Wow, this book is this summer's MUST READ. ~ Shell


deej4fitness said...

Shell, you have certainly more than peaked my interest. I'm in the middle of a book right now but when I finish it, this one's next in line. Thanks for the tip; I hadn't heard of "The Shack" b4 now and look forward to the read!!

I'll be sure to post a follow-up review

:) Bless ya!
~deej said...

I have to say that "The Shack" by William P. Young was a very thought provoking read.

After reading the book, I was left pondering several things about it – which is a true testament to the book's worth. I had several questions on the validity of some of the descriptions of God but I had to humbly admit that there may be no answers this side of heaven for how God presents Himself to each individual.

I posted a more in-depth review of this book on my own blog