Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Runners' Dialogue...

So if you've made it to my blog you need to know something...I know you're here!  Well, I don't really know YOU, per se' but I have this nifty little techie thing called a sitemeter and it tells me how many people visit this blog every day. Oh, it tells me a few other things too but whatever!

My point. I was thinking about all the people who visit my blog and how it would be nice if they wouldn't just come and lurk, but that they would actually participate. Hey, it's not all about ME, you know. I would love for you to comment (see the little box at the end of this post, you can actually click on it and comment). I would love to hear the triumphs and thoughts of other runners.

One of the discussions going on a running forum I belong to is about what we runners think about when we're on one of those long runs. Some were saying they just keep the old ipod stocked with decent stuff and others were boasting their purist convictions and run without any distraction. So, what about you? What do you think about on those long runs? Me, I keep a mental list of things I like to ponder and I kinda go through that.  I love just being outside and appreciating all of that.  But what about YOU?  Let me know you are out there and let's dialogue about running!


scarlet said...

You really have an interesting posts always. Keep it up! More power to you and Good luck to your future runs! :)

scarlet brooks addiction

natalie said...

This is such a nice post! I like it! Have a great day! ~ vibram ~